Childbirth with Claudia - General Goals

Special thanks to Rick Hall for all of his amazing work filming and producing this video series.

And to the gifted medical professionals who shared with me their knowledge and passion for healthy moms and babies -

Dr. Edgar S. Miller, DO; Dr. Robert E. Howard, OB/GYN; Dr. John Lee, OB/GYN and Laurie Macpherson, RN/CNM.

  •  An understanding of anatomy and the process of childbirth
  • Education concerning good nutrition for the family
  • The role of husband & wife as a team; or the role of a support person & pregnant mother as a team
  • Confidence in Techniques and in Yourself!
  • Realistic expectations of Labor and Delivery
  • A good working knowledge of the importance of Relaxation
  • Foundation for a satisfying birth experience for both husband and wife
  • Importance of breast feeding and understanding of the problems and commitments which may be involved
  • Foster good mental health towards childbirth